Google Analytics segments

Use segments created in Google Analytics to target a particular sub-set of users from Xtremepush

In order to use Google Analytics segments in Xtremepush, first make sure you have completed the Google Analytics integration for your project.

On Google Analytics create the segment as you would normally do. For example you may want to create a new segment to target a cohort of female users, aged 18-34, who have registered on your site but have not spent or deposited money.

You would need to navigate to Google Analytics ( and navigate to Admin > Segments).


Navigating to the Segments page in Google Analytics.

Then click on the New Segment button.


Build your segment as required. For this example you would add the desired demographic conditions:


Creating a segment to target female users between the ages of 18-34.

Then finalise any other conditions, such as a targeted audience did one desired step but did not meet another condition. Once the conditions are set, to make the segment available for targeting users via Xtremepush you must change the segment availability in the top right corner by selecting Change and indicating that the segment is also available to collaborators, then click OK. When you have done this the availability status text in the top right should read “Segment is visible and shared in current view”.


Making the segment available externally.

Once your segment is shared on Google Analytics, Save it. It will now be available for targeting users in the segmentation engine, if you type its name under Segments > GA Segment.