Standard email editor

Our standard email editor allows you to design email messages, or your own HTML, and is available when creating an email campaign or an email template. Alternatively, you can also use our premium email builder, if enabled.


Premium email builder

The premium email builder is an optional feature and not enabled by default. If you wish to use this builder please contact us.

If you are not yet a customer you can request a demo.

Initial set up

Before starting to work on the content of your email, you can choose whether you want to keep your email in the center (Center Column), have it take the full width of the email client (Full Width) or whether you prefer to insert your own HTML code (Custom HTML). The first two options allow users to design the email using our editor and are described in this guide.

Main content tab

The content tab is selected by default. It contains a set of components that build a sample template, including the main components: text, button, separator and image. Each component comes with default settings.

You can copy , move or delete the components to achieve the desired result and toggle between the content mode (selected by default) and the style mode for each component.

To add more components, click the on Add Item and select the desired component from the pick list provided.


Main style tab

The style tab is shown by toggling the style button and allows you to configure the look of the whole email and provides additional options: customise the font and text style, the look of your links, configure styles for the different HTML headers, add your own custom CSS code and enable programmatic syntax, allowing you to use dynamic content in your email campaigns.

Preview area

The preview area displays the current message view, updated as components change. You can alternate between the desktop preview and the mobile preview of your email and can also see the text version and a full screen preview as desired.


### Text
The text component allows you to use different formatting options or to add your text directly in HTML (by clicking on the code button). Click on the style tab to set colour for its background, text and link, define alignment and border style (type, size and colour).


In the content tab you can set the button label and the redirect link. Click on the style tab for this component to set additional customisation options (padding, font, colour, border, etc).


The content tab allows you to set up the main options for the separator (line height, width, style, type) and the style tab for this component, provides additional options to set colours.


Use this component to include images in your email, either by a file upload or by supplying a URL. Click on the style tab to modify the size of the image, its alignment and its background colour.


This component allows you to add one or more social media platform links. Select the platform from the pick list, which also includes a customer option, and enter the social platform's URL. The appropriate social platform icon is automatically applied. Click on the style tab to change the icon size, alignment and colour schemes.


Don't forget to save!

At any point, click the Save button to preserve your email design.