The campaign methods are used to create, send, update or get info about messaging campaigns.

Campaigns allow you to engage your users through a vast variety of channels.

Our user guide has a whole section about campaigns. Start with our guide on creating a campaign to learn more about campaigns. You can use the navigation menu on the left to find the rest of pages on this topic.

See below for a brief description of the available API campaign methods:

Campaign create: Create a campaign.
Campaign send: Send a single campaign (one that is not automated with a schedule but is to be sent immediately when required).
Campaign update: Update a previously created campaign.
Campaign info: Get info on a single campaign.
Campaign list: Get a list of previously created campaigns for a project.
Campaign execute: Trigger an API-triggered campaign.
Cancel journey: Make a user exit a journey.
Campaign start: Start a campaign.
Campaign stop: Stop a campaign.
Remove inbox: Remove a single inbox message that has already been sent.
Expire inbox: Remove an entire inbox campaign that is currently live.