The tagging API methods are used to update user profile tag or attribute data. You can also export the type of data you see in your projects tags analytics page from the project.

Attributes and tags are predefined keys allowing data values to be stored against a user profile or device. For more details about tags & attributes see our dedicated Attributes & tags guide.

See below for a brief description of the available API tagging methods:

  • Tag create: Create a new tag or attribute.
  • Tag batch create: Create a batch of new tags or attributes.
  • Tag hit: Hit a single tag or update the value of a single attribute.
  • Hit tags: Hit a batch of tags or update value for a batch of attributes.
  • Tag list: Get a list of the tags and attributes that have been previously created in your project.
  • Tag list hit: Get information on devices hitting tags or attributes in your project.
  • List attribute client: Get information on attributes associated with users or devices.