Attributes & tags

Attributes and tags are predefined keys allowing data values to be stored against a user profile or devices.

An Attribute is linked one-to-one to a user profile or a device profile, holding a single value that may be updated at any time, for example, "First Name" or "Membership Level". Attributes may be used for segmentation or personalisation of messaging campaigns.

A Tag can be set multiple times against a device with different values (eg. a one-to-many relationship). Each record is timestamped and cannot be modified. Tags may be used to record user behaviour over time and can be used in segmentation for messaging campaigns.

View and edit

To view or edit the attributes and tags already defined for a project, navigate to Data > Data Manager > Attributes & Tags.

The table shows which are configured as Device or Profile attributes.

The list can be filtered by using the search fields at the top of the table.

A tag can be edited or deleted using the icons on the relevant table row.

Create a new attribute or tag

In order to store data against a user or device profile, the attribute or tag must be created first by pressing the Create tag button.

Set the name, data type and choose whether the new key should be used as a User Profile or Device attribute, or remain as a regular tag.

Data type

Value format


Text characters


Numeric values


Date with optional time, ISO-8601 format, eg. 2020-12-31 or 2020-12-31 23:59:59


JSON object, eg.

  order_total: "12.34",
  item_count: 3,
  items: [{...}, {...}, ...]



The name should avoid spaces and dots, and ideally limit to lowercase letters, digits and underscore. This will allow easier use of the attribute through the mobile and web SDKs and the API.

The Display Name field can be used to provide a friendly name for the field in the Xtremepush interface.

You can also set an Alias, useful if you have named an Android and an iOS tag differently and you need to alias the two together to keep analytics consistent between apps.

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Attributes & tags

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