Email tab

Design the email that will be sent out to user profiles who are subscribed to email communications


Setting up email for the first time?

The email channel can only be enabled once all necessary authentications are in place.

Choose target group

By default email will be addressed to all available users, but email can also be used as a fallback channel for push notifications. Click on Push not subscribed users to just target users that haven't subscribed for push notifications.

Email heading

This section allows users to configure the fields in the email header:

  • Email subject
  • From address: Select from pre-configured email addresses, set up during email verification.
  • From name: The pre-configured value associated to the from address can be overwritten.
  • Reply-to address: When your recipients reply to your email, this address will be pre-filled as the to address. By default it will be the same as the from address but can be set to any email address from this menu.
  • Reply-to name: Name used with the reply-to address and can also be manually modified.
  • Unsubscribe header: When present, major email clients (such as Gmail) will show a quick unsubscribe link to your recipients if you are fully authenticated and have built reputation with Gmail. Best practice for bulk marketing messages is to include an automatic unsubscribe header; boosts sender reputation by using correct email marketing tools.


Variable content in email addresses

Fields in the email heading section support the use of dynamic content, which, for instance can be used to set a different from address / from name / reply to address and reply to name depending on a variable that you set against your users. See our guides on snippets and dynamic content for more information.

Build your message

This section allows to insert templates that you have previously created from Content > Templates. See our guide on templates for more information. If you are creating the email from scratch then you would do so by using our standard email editor or our premium builder.

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