Data retention

Review the data retention settings to periodically delete data

The platform includes retention settings to keep your data tidy by removing dormant device and profile records. The advantages of using these settings are that you are not holding a mass of data that is useless and that your executed campaign queries are more efficient and, therefore, faster.

There is also a requirement under GDPR to only hold data which is necessary.

A retention period is a preservation timeframe in days applied to certain record types. Data within the timeframe is kept and any data of the types listed that are prior to the timeframe is deleted.


Retention settings can only be applied by our support team. This is to ensure that no data is deleted without conversation and understanding. Also, when enabling on existing projects, this operation will need to be done gradually. Please contact your account manager or our support team for further action.

Web devices

When using the web SDK, profiles are added for unique visitors but not all of these opt-in for web push, or other channels, and over time many of these also stop returning to the site. In this way, the number of dormant profiles with no subscription grows over time.

There are three record types that can have a retention period set:

  • Uncontactable Web Devices: Where a web visitor device is created or opened, but never opted in to web push.
  • Uncontactable Anonymous Profiles: Where a profile has been created but has no communication details on any channel and no associated user ID or device.
  • Uncontactable Identified Profiles: Where a profile has been created but has no communication details on any channel, has an associated user ID, but no associated device.

Best practice for web devices is a 30-day retention period. Each data type can have different retention periods, if required, but it is not recommended to have a value lower than 14 days.