Testing environments

Keep test and production environments logically separated

Most enterprises have multiple backend environments and builds of mobile apps and sites for the various stages of their development cycle (e.g. Test, Staging, Production). To map their dev process on the Xtremepush platform, enterprises typically hook the various builds of their app and sites into matching projects on the platform. This is very flexible and can generally map to any process (for example some enterprises have up to 5 projects to fit their own dev cycle (Dev Test, QA, UAT, Pilot, Prod)).

The projects are logically separated by the application keys which can be copied from Settings > Apps & sites > click on the matching app or website > SDK key (and used when integrating) as well as stored in separate databases in the platform, so if you are sending notifications in a test environment there is no possibility you will send them out on the production app. This allows you to reuse your push credentials across the different projects for different builds of the same app & sites.

Mobile push

For Android, you can use the same FCM credentials in all your builds

For iOS, you can use the same APNs production certificate in all your builds.

Web push

For Safari you can use the same Safari certificate in all your builds.

Your user's roles and access to projects can be managed using our UAM capabilities.


Any API integrations with your backend are also kept logically separate by the different application tokens found in each project. This allows you to also map your backend environments to the appropriate project on the platform.