Download user profile data

Platform users with permission to access user data can download all data associated to a single User Profile, which may be used to satisfy a GDPR Right to Access request.

Find the user profile you wish to download by following the steps in the User Profile guide.

Click the Actions button and select Download. This will trigger a task to create the export, navigating you to a page where you can see the progress of the export and download it when ready.

The downloaded Zip file will contain multiple CSV files covering the different types of data associated to the user profile, including:

  • Attributes
  • Devices
  • Events
  • Tags
  • Sessions
  • Locations


To download user profile attributes for multiple user profiles, for example to sync with your own backend system, we recommend using the API.

The API method for importing user profiles can be found in the User Profile List API reference.

You can find general information on the Xtremepush APIs in the External API Overview.