Analytics terminology

It is important to understand the terminology used and how this relates to end users and their data. Below is an explanation of some of the terms found in the Analytics sections.

SentThe message has been created and sent out to the intended User or Device by the platform based on the segmentation applied in the campaign at the time of send.
DeliveredThe message has arrived at the intended destination.
OpenedThe user has performed the action required for them to see the message.

More information about open tracking for emails.
ClickedThe user has interacted with the message in some way. For example, clicking a link in the message content, or interacting with a push notification to trigger the call-to-action.
FailedThe message failed to arrive at its intended destination. More details for this can be found on the Campaign Analytics pages when drilling down into channel specifics.

More information about uninstall attribution for devices.
ComplainedThe message has received a spam or automated feedback loop report from the receiving network, typically for email campaigns. These emails are not treated as a bounce, as they have been delivered to the inbox (and from there, the user marks them as spam).

These are automatically handled by the application. Our support team will only get in touch if direct intervention is required for more serious abuse complaints. Review our email deliverability guide to learn how to reduce these.
New usersNew users are calculated by examining how many devices have downloaded and opened your app at least once in the selected time period
Addressable users Addressable devices are the number of devices which have downloaded your app and opted-in/accepted push notifications.
Total sessions Total number of session during the set time period. A session is in progress when a user opens the app and starts using it until they close it. Mobile only.
Unique sessions Calculated from the unique users who open the app at least one time during the set period of time. Mobile only.
Average session time Measures the average amount of times users spent browsing within your app during the se time period. Mobile only.
Time spent in app The total time users spent within in your app during the set time period. Mobile only.



Where metrics are represented as percentages, this is usually as a proportion of messages delivered.

The exceptions to this are the delivery metrics (for instance delivered, failed or bounced) that are in relation to the number of messages sent.

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