Existing campaigns

Review and edit your campaigns

You can find any existing campaigns by navigating to:
Campaigns > Existing Campaigns

The tabbed lists allow you to find campaigns based on their status.

Under each tab you can quickly narrow down the view of campaigns by doing any of the following:

  • Search for a specific campaign name
  • Filter by campaigns of a specific type
  • Filter by channel to find only campaigns which contain those selected

All campaigns

This is a full list of all campaigns including future, live, past and drafts.
It is best to use this tab to find your campaign if you are unsure what its current status is.


This is a list of all campaigns which are scheduled to run or become live at a future date and/or time. You can use this tab to find campaigns before they go live.


This is a full list of all campaigns currently running in the project which includes triggered, recurring campaigns and future scheduled sends. This is the tab to use if you are looking to update or stop a currently running campaign.


This is a full list of all campaigns which have finished running in the project. Past campaigns include one-off scheduled sends, triggered campaigns and recurring campaigns where the end date has passed, or that have been stopped manually.


This is a full list of all the campaign drafts that you have saved. You can find them by searching for the campaign name or by filtering by message type or trigger type.

Campaign actions

The following actions can be taken from the Existing Campaigns page:

  • Notifications log – Review a record of sends for the selected campaign. Learn more in our dedicated guide.
  • Stop – Manually halt the selected campaign (live campaigns only).
  • Close – Manually prevent recipients from entering a journey from the start but will allow existing recipients to complete their journey (multi-stage workflows only). Learn more here.
  • Start – Manually start the selected campaign (past campaigns only, can only be applied to recurring campaigns).
  • Inbox feed – Navigate directly to the inbox feed for this campaign only (inbox campaigns only).
  • Edit – Open the selected campaign page and make changes.
  • View – Open the selected campaign page and review it (past campaigns only).
  • Copy – Use the selected campaign as a starting point for a new campaign.
  • Manage labels – Apply or remove a label to the selected campaign. Learn more about campaign labels in our dedicated guide.
  • Analytics – Switch directly to the campaign analytics pages for the selected campaign.
  • Import triggers – Shows a list of user profile import tasks that triggered the selected campaign. Only available if the Trigger API campaign option is enabled on the project.
  • Download – Generate a CSV list containing all user profiles that have been sent the campaign.
  • Download failed messages – Generate a CSV list containing all user profiles for which the send has failed.


Timezone for campaign exports

Dates in downloaded exports will be shown in UTC.

Stop all campaigns

If you need to stop all your campaigns, you can do so by navigating to Campaigns > Existing Campaigns > Stop all campaigns.

  • Clicking the button will start a two-stage confirmation process.
  • Completing this process will stop all Live and Future single-stage campaigns.
  • Multi-stage journeys will be paused.
  • This action cannot be undone.
  • Once stopped, campaigns will need to be restarted individually.

The feature stops all single-stage campaigns in the same way as if the user had stopped each campaign one by one by navigating to the Options menu > Stop. Multi-stage journeys will be paused and can be restarted by opening the campaign and clicking the Resume button.