General project settings

Here are the top-level settings for your current project


User access levels

Your user account dictates what settings you can see and change in the project settings. Contact your company admin to change your user access role if necessary.

From the Settings menu, click General.

The Title entered when you created your project is displayed. If you want to change that, enter the new Title of the project.

The timezone entered when you created your project is displayed.


Timezones and daylight saving

The timezone will have been set when the project is created. A location-based timezone will automatically adhere to any daylight saving in that location.

The region set when your account was created is displayed.

In the Description box enter some useful information about your project, perhaps the type of messaging you are sending and the audiences you are targeting, or the business division this project is serving.

To add an Icon to your project so that it can be more easily recognised in the projects page, click on the Upload icon and choose an image from your local file storage.

Click Save to confirm.

Deleting a project

You can schedule the project to be deleted by clicking on Delete under the Delete Project section. Review our dedicated guide for more details.