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Release notes and asset downloads

Latest version

The easiest way to use the Xtremepush SDK is to include the repository as described in the guide to Import the iOS SDK. In cases where that's not possible, you can download the latest release manually.

From version 4 onwards, all release notes and asset downloads are available on our SDK's GitHub page.

Previous versions



  • Added in-app messages callbacks
  • Added events with values
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Minor Bug Fixes



  • Minor Bug Fix: Fixed bug when handling a corrupted location, in location services.



  • Attributions no longer requires a separate SDK if you want to use it 
  • Turn on with [XPush setAttributionsEnabled: YES]; 
  • And add Adsupport.framework
  • If not using it don't need to add Adsupport
  • Support added for bespoke array based public key pinning for private/on-prem enterprise installs



  • Redemptions Support added (includes support for linking from notification to In App Message)
  • Attribution Support added allows attribution of source of mobile installs for example Facebook ad campaign or affiliate campaign
  • New Method to turn this on 
[XPush setAttributionsEnabled: YES];
  • You will need to use the Adsupport.framework to use this
  • Two versions of SDK one requiring Ad Support if using Attributions
  • One that does not require Ad support if not using Attributions



  • Feature added for including an inbox in you app to persist notifications. Please go to the iOS App Inbox docs for more information.



  • Location service are now turned off by default previously they were on by default.
  • Performance improvements to delivery of location based notifications.
  • Support for New In-App module than can build messages from as little as one piece of creative and does not require HTML to be built. Users can still build messages from Custom HTML:



  • Minor Bug Fix: Fixed bug when tagging from multiple threads with millisecond interval.



  • Added support for batching of tags, a number of new methods added to the SDK to enable this feature:

The default behaviour for tags is that they are sent immediately, if you want to control how chatty your app is you can enable batching. 

To turn on batching you can call the following methods when initialising XtremePush in your AppDelegate:

For batching of tags call:

[XPush setTagsBatchingEnabled:YES];

For batching of impressions call:

[XPush setImpressionsBatchingEnabled:YES];

With batching turned on tags or impressions will be cached when you call hitTag or hitImpression and released when you exit your app or when you call the sendTags or sendImpressions methods, as shown below:

To manually release tags:

[XPush sendTags];

To manually release impressions:

[XPush sendImpressions];

  • Added support for capturing of values/data along with tags, the hitTag method can now take an extra argument:

To tag events that capture a value and grab the value, use the hitTag method with the withValue option, for example:

// You might for example want to capture a form being filled out
[XPush hitTag:@"form_1_field_1" withValue:@"form_data"];