Create a game campaign

How to create a game campaign

To create a game, you must first select the game type from the available ones on the Games Hub and then choose the region where the game will be allowed to be played. After selecting these options, you will be taken to the Campaigns page.


Roles & Permissions

All roles have read access in this area. While Campaign Admin and Campaign and Data Manager roles can create a game, only Company, Project, and Provider Admins can export data and work on admin settings.

Click on the Create campaign button and fill in the details:

  • Name: Give a name to your game campaign. This will allow you to identify the campaign later in analytics.
  • Timezone: Pick the timezone of your target audience. This will apply to all campaigns, prizes and time slots start and end dates, and will also reflect on your campaign analytics.
  • Starts At: Specify the campaign start day and time.
  • Ends At: Specify the campaign finish day and time.
  • Games allowed per: Indicate the number of times players can play the game per day/week/campaign.
  • Default segment: Pick a segment that you have created beforehand and you would like to use as fallback for users who aren't targeted within the scope of any existing segments, so that they can still play and receive prizes. If not selected, players that aren't included in any segment with attached prizes will not be able to play.
  • Excludes segment: This option allows to select a segment to exclude users from playing the game. Select it from the available segments created in the project.

Tools and other options

Once you have created your campaign, it will be shown under Games Hub > Campaigns. This page lists all the created campaigns. The Tools section has a number of buttons that allow to activate , view , clone , edit and delete a created campaign.

It's also possible to review Logs, which record all of the actions taken by the different users.

Activate your campaign

After creating your campaign, click on the Activate icon next to your campaign in the campaigns list. This will navigate you to the campaign details page where you can set up various aspects of the campaign. The following sub-pages will be displayed:

  • Games: Shows entries to the game
  • Prizes: Add and manage the prizes for the game
  • Time slots: Optionally limit the campaign availability on specific days


Deleting time slots

The action of deleting a time slot can't be undone.

  • Texts: Enter your personalised or localised texts or messages to be displayed to players within the game
  • Assets: Design and personalise the artwork, sounds, fonts and layout for your game
  • Editor: Customise the player experience of the game across the different elements and layers
  • Campaign settings: Edit the campaign details entered during the campaign creation


Start with uploading assets

We highly recommend starting by uploading your assets and finalizing your layers in the editor. Once you are happy with the game design, you can navigate to other sections to finalize your game campaign.

Embed the game

Once youโ€™ve set up your campaign and are ready to test the game, youโ€™ll be able to see and play the game by clicking on the blue URL that shows at the top of the page, next to the play icon and your campaign name, when your campaign is selected. This will open the front end of the game in a new tab for you to be able to experience it as a player.

Any changes made to the game configuration will take effect immediately; simply refresh the game tab.
Use this URL to iframe the game on your site.