Managing a multi stage journey

Learn more about the different status of workflows

Workflow campaign status

Campaigns containing workflows are shown in the same places as regular campaigns.

Unlike single stage campaigns, multi stage journey campaign also show the current status of the workflows within them.

  • Campaigns can be:
    • Open: accepting new users
    • Closed: not accepting new users—usually after the set end date
    • Stopped: a manual step to cancel all active journeys and move it to past campaigns
  • Workflows can be:
    • Running: with users running through them normally
    • Paused: with users paused at delays and start actions

The various statuses can be seen as tags against the campaign title in the live campaign list.

Live to past

Unlike single stage campaigns, which are moved from live to past as soon as the end date is reached or when they have been manually stopped by the marketer, workflow campaigns will remain in the live campaign list even after the end date has been reached while users complete their journeys.

It is possible to manually stop a campaign and remove all active journeys; this can be done from the options menu in the Live Campaigns list. The available options are:

  • Close: will prevent any new journeys from starting but will allow existing journeys to complete
  • Stop: will close the campaign, cancel all existing journeys and move it to past campaigns

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