Platform releases 2024

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February 2024

:high-brightness: Improved

  • Webhooks - OAuth 2.0
    OAuth 2.0 added to the list of available authentication methods when setting up the webhook integration in the Marketplace. Read more.
  • Webhooks - Customise payload
    Customise the payload for each engagement event to include only the exact content you want to be included in the request and optionally include attributes in the payload too. Read more.
  • Webhooks - Error notification
    Get notified via email when there are webhook failures. Read more (and link to the section to the page that describes this).
  • Click map for email campaigns in journeys
    The existing Click Map feature is now available for email campaigns within journeys. Selecting the subject line of the email campaign allows to visualise and analyse click engagement.

:white-check-mark: Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the date picker retains previous settings from other pages
  • Fixed an issue related to not applying checks to engagement categories when executing campaigns from the external API.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing UTM URL tracking params from getting added to image link redirects from on-site campaigns
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from being able to copy campaign templates with engagement categories between projects.

January 2024

:rocket: Added

  • Campaign Analytics
    The new Analytics tab in both live and past campaigns. It provides additional insights and allows to export detailed reports for both single-stage and multi-stage campaigns. Read more.

:high-brightness: Improved

  • Click map for multi-language & multi-variant email campaigns
    The existing Click Map feature is now available for multi-language and/or multi-variant single-stage email campaigns. This feature allows users to visualise and analyse click engagement within their campaigns. Read more.
  • Webhooks - Add more detailed error messages
    Specific error messages with bounce reasons are now included in webhook payloads so they can be used by the receiving platform as necessary.

:white-check-mark: Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the options 'Last 7 days' and 'Last 30 days' in the platform date picker were not considering the current day.