Integrations Marketplace

Create or update third-party connections

To enable new third-party integration, or access your existing, go to Settings > Integrations > Marketplace.

Configured integrations

All existing integrations for your project are listed here.

Clicking on a particular integration will open the Integration details page. In the Overview tab you can see top-level information about that connection. The Settings tab will allow you to give the integration a Name to help you easily identify it on the platform. Click Save to confirm any changes.

The Promotions tab allows you to manually add promotions to your integration for those integrations that don't sync promotions automatically. To add a promotion click the Add Promotion button and then you will need to enter the Promotion Name, Bonus Engine ID, Description(Optional), Amount Required and Duration Required.

After you click the save icon, the bonus will appear in the Overview tab and the promotions dropdown menu on the campaign creation page, from which you can select a promotion to be attached to a campaign.

By using the Actions button you can also choose to Deactivate an integration.

Integrations Marketplace


You will need admin access to create new integrations. Contact the Company Admin in your organisation to change your user role. If you do not have admin access you will still be able to see the description of the integrations.

All potential integrations are shown on this tab, clicking any integration card brings up a description of that integration. To create a new integration, select the connection you want to make and click Connect, or Connect new for connection where multiple integrations are possible. This will bring you to the setup page for that connection.

If you have already configured connections for a certain integration, you will see the number of configurations on the integration card. Clicking on the link detailing how many configured connections exist will take you back to the Configured integrations tab.

If the integration you have selected needs action from your Xtremepush account manager, you will see a Request button. Clicking Request will notify our support team and your account manager will be in contact to liaise with you to set up the integration for you.