Import the iOS SDK

Add the Xtremepush SDK to your app


Upgrading to v4

If you’re migrating from v3 of our iOS SDK follow the steps outlined here.

CocoaPods installation

We recommend using CocoaPods to add the Xtremepush iOS SDK. If you do not have CocoaPods installed, please check out this guide.

  1. Navigate to the ios subdirectory.
  2. Add the entry highlighted below to your Podfile file (where MyApp should match your application name):
target 'MyApp' do
 pod 'Xtremepush-iOS-SDK'
  1. Then install the iOS SDK by running:
pod install


The following error in the terminal is usually due to an outdated local CocoaPods specification:

Unable to find specification for pod 'Xtremepush-iOS-SDK'

To fix it, execute the following shell commands:

pod repo update
pod install

Manual installation

If you want to import the SDK without using CocoaPods you import the framework manually. Details below:

  1. Download the latest SDK version.
  2. Extract the framework from the zip file.
  3. Open Xcode and drag XPush.framework into your project.
  4. Make sure XPush.framework appears on the frameworks section of your target

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