Multi stage journey: delay action

Delay actions cause user profiles to be delayed from moving through the workflow.


To set the delay for a user profile in the workflow, click on the Delay action.

This opens the delay toolbox which shows the options for delaying user profiles.


There are different options available:

Time period

Sets a specific length of time that the user profile will be delayed at this action for.

Specific date

Sets a specific date (and optionally, time) that all user profiles will be delayed at this action until.

If the include time box is not checked, the time the user profile arrived at the action will be used.

Profile attribute

Delay the user profile until the current date/time matches the date/time stored in a profile attribute.

If no time is supplied, then the time that the user profile arrived at the action will be used.

Relative date

Delay the user profile until a date/time relative to the date/time stored in a profile attribute.


When the date/time has passed

  • If a user profile arrives at a delay and the date/time has already passed, then they will not be delayed and will pass straight through.

  • When a workflow is restarted, if the date/time that the user profile should have moved on has passed, then they will be automatically moved on immediately.

Allowed resume window

There may be times where it isn't appropriate to release a user from the delay action at the same time of day as they arrived. Usually if the following action is to send a message and you do not wish to disturb the user in the early hours.

In this situations a finer degree of control can be achieved by using the allowed resume window option.


In this example, the message following a delay can only be sent between 8am and 12pm.

Setting the start and end times here mean that a user will only be released from a delay at the time they are scheduled to do so if that time (based on the timezone set against their profile) also falls within the allowed resume window. If the user doesn't have a timezone set, then this will default to the timezone set against the project.

If the time is outside this window then the user is simply held at the delay until the next window opens.



User signs up to a website at 11pm and makes a purchase.

An order confirmation follows immediately after and the user then continues to a delay of 1 day before a promotion for new users is due to be sent.

Knowing that their particular user base tend to engage more with these kind of offers in the mornings, the marketer chooses to add an allowed resume window of 8am - Midday.

After the 1 day delay for that user, the time is 11pm so the user is held at that delay until the following morning at 8am before they continue on and arrive at the message action.

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