Inbox content

Create messages that will persist in your website or mobile app inbox

Within the Inbox tab you can create messages that will be seen in users' inbox. You can visit the inbox feed page to view all live messages and to expire them.

Build your inbox message

Select the style of message you'd like to send, either an alert (which is a simple message) or a card-style message (richer message with more options). For both types, users can set a title and body and additionally define what will happen when users click on the message. Both types of messages allow the following actions:

  • None: selected by default
  • Open URL
  • Go to deeplink: To take users to a certain part of the app. See our deeplinks guide for more details.
  • In-app message: to take users to an in-app message. A new in-app tab section will be created in the campaign.

Additionally, card-style messages allow users to upload a larger image and to set a background colour for the message and for the title). Review our best practices for these type of messages. Toggle between the content mode (selected by default) and the styles mode to customise the aspect of your message.

Using content elements

You can add emojis and dynamic content to your inbox messages.

Click the smiley icon to display a list of emojis and click the one you want to add to your message.

Click on the user icon to add data from your user attribute fields. Type the name of the field you want to use, or select it from the presented pick list.

Click on the code icon to add content snippets. Type the name of the field you want to use, or select it from the presented pick list.

Multi-language and variants

It is possible to create a multi-language campaign with new titles and messages based on the languages selected at the campaign level. It is also possible to do a split test to see which variant has a better engagement. Both options are enabled and configured from the Setup tab.

The languages you have selected, together with the variants selected are shown on the left side of the campaign. To be able to identify with which variant and language you are working, this information is shown on the top of the screen.


This example shows a multi-language campaign for English and Arabic speakers, combined with split testing. Currently, the content shown is for the English version of variant B.


The Actions button allows to Apply a template that has been previously created from Content > Templates to a campaign and to copy the content from a specific language & variant. To copy the content, click on Copy From when you are on the variant and language where you want to apply the content. The system will show the available options to copy from.

It is also possible to copy the content from a web push message sent on the same campaign so that you can persist the message to your users and expand on the content if you have further details.


Choose target group

This option used to be available on this page, it has now moved to the Segment tab. It allows to determine which users will receive the inbox message; all available users, push subscribed users or push not-subscribed users.