Email settings

Configure your email unsubscribe page

The email settings page can be accessed by navigating to Settings > Channels > Email Settings.

A view of your unsubscribe page is displayed. Adding an image and colour to your email unsubscribe page will tie it into your branding, enhancing your end-user experience.

To add an image to your unsubscribe page, click Upload logo image icon and choose an image from your local file storage.

To change the background or highlight colour of the page, click the respective boxes. Use the colour picker or enter a HTML colour code in the box, for example #FFFFFF.

You can choose whether an end-user can use the page to change the email address you hold for them by toggling the Allow user to change email slider. This option is turned off by default. It might be a requirement if you are only working with a newsletter list but is not recommended if you have a login and customer records are syncing email to the platform from your system of record.

Click Save to confirm.