Event triggers

Fine tune how your campaign will be triggered by an event

The Events tab is where you specify the rules and behaviour of the real-time event trigger for your campaign. This tab is only available when creating an event triggered campaign, or for in-app / on-site campaigns.

Event data may be passed from:

Learn more about real-time events in our dedicated guide.


Events are required for some campaign types

In-app and on-site messages campaigns (Campaigns > Create campaign > In-App / On-site message) can only be configured as a response to real-time events from your website or your mobile app.

Select event

This section allows to select the event which will trigger the notification. Events that have been previously manually created from Data > Data Manager > Events or fired from your website, app or via the external API at least once will appear in the dropdown menu.


Type the name of the event to search for it.

In-app / on-site campaigns also include an option to trigger the campaign on session start (which is only applicable for in-app campaigns), as well as a custom event as above.



Session start event

For more details on how to trigger session start events from your mobile apps see our dedicated Android and iOS guides.

Limit triggering on some events

When this checkbox is selected, hits to the selected event will only trigger the notification when additional filtering conditions are passed.

Conditions can be set in relation to event values or nested event properties. An event value corresponds to a string (a simple value like homepage), so this filtering condition will be able to perform evaluations in relation to this value (for instance whether something is equal/not equal to this value).


With the configuration shown in this example, the message will be triggered when the event page_view is hit, and its value equals "homepage".

An event property is a complex value, expressed with a JSON object (for example:

   "order_no": "ABC123",
   "order_date": "2021-03-14",
   "price": 304.67,
   "quantity": 5

Filtering based on event properties allows you to perform evaluations in relation to the information contained in this object (for instance, that this property contains a specific value).


With the configuration shown in this example, the message will be triggered when the JSON object related to order_completed contains a value called price which is greater than 300.

Send with a delay


Delay options are not available for in-app / on-site campaigns.

Select this box if you want to send the message with a delay after the event has been hit.


Campaign segmentation is evaluated when the campaign is sent rather than when the event is fired. When a delay is used, this means the segmentation is applied after the delay has passed, allowing the most recent up-to-date information available in the system to be used.

Message limits

This section allows to establish limits on the number of times a notification will be shown.

  • Maximum number of triggers: User/device notification limit is the maximum number of notifications a user or device can receive either per day or per campaign. If they continually hit an event, they will not receive more notifications than specified.
  • Number of events before the first trigger: defines the number of times per day or per campaign an event must be hit before the user or device receives a notification.