Campaign labels

Classify your campaigns

Labels are tags or keywords that you can add to campaigns to show whether they possess certain characteristics. They let you filter campaigns more flexibly and more informally than by type or channel.

Enable labels

Labels can be enabled from Campaigns > Existing campaigns via the Settings menu. Each tab within the page is controlled separately so they will need to be enabled for all tabs you wish to use them on.

Applying and managing labels

Apply (or remove) a label to a campaign by clicking the Options menu > Manage Labels.

In the resulting window it is possible to create new labels using the Create label button and then selecting which labels should be applied to the campaign by checking or unchecking the box next to any created label and clicking Apply.

Any number of labels may be added to a campaign to suit how you want to group them. The labels will then be visible in the column in the campaign table.

Filtering by labels

Labels can be filtered in the same way as any other column. Type the name of the label you are looking for any any matching campaigns will be filtered to show only those containing that label.

Searching is done on an additional logic, meaning you can type out more than one label name, separated by a space, and all campaigns containing both of those labels will be returned.

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