Enterprise Push package

Encrypted message delivery and delivery receipts for mobile push channels

The Enterprise Push package includes encrypted mobile push and delivery receipts for mobile push (Android push and iOS push).

Encrypted push

Encrypted mobile push allows messages to be required or optionally delivered using encryption, to avoid the message content being sent in plain text through the push message gateway.

Delivery receipts

Delivery receipts will allow you to confirm when a push notification has been delivered to a device. This allows you to more accurately measure delivery and fallback to other channels.

This may be useful in scenarios such as needing to follow up with an SMS fallback to a mobile push message which was never delivered, for example when needing to target an entire user base with a service message.


The enterprise push package is a paid feature. Please contact your account manager to get more information on pricing.

Activating the package

To enable this on your project, please contact our support team or speak directly to your account manager.

SDK implementation

This package requires the Xtremepush SDK to be implemented in your Android and iOS mobile apps, and then follow additional steps. Review our dedicated guides for more information:

After implementing the base SDK, the standard steps for enabling push notifications are required:

Finally, follow the guides to enable the Enterprise Push features:

Using encrypted mobile push

Once the Enterprise Push features have been implemented in your mobile apps and enabled for your project, all messages will be sent as encrypted if possible, but will fall back to unencrypted where the device cannot receive the encrypted message.

If a particular campaign requires the message to be encrypted, then it can be enforced via the Setup tab for a single-stage campaign. Review our dedicated encrypted mobile push guide for additional details.

Using delivery receipts

Once the Enterprise Push features have been implemented in your mobile apps, delivery receipts will be automatically collected for your campaigns. There are no user controls for this feature once enabled on a project.

To test that this feature has been enabled correctly, make sure that Android and iOS push messages are marked as delivered in the notifications log detail page.