Gaming Innovation Group (GiG)

Integrate GiG with Xtremepush

The Gaming Innovation Group enables you to automatically sync user profile data, execute personalised Sports, Betting & iGaming marketing campaigns and analyse them.

This integration is based on Apache Kafka. GiG exposes a stream of profile data that Xtremepush can connect to in order to read the stream and import profile details into the platform.


Can't see this option?

The Gaming Innovation Group integration isn't enabled by default. If you wish you enable it, please contact us.

Connect to GiG

From the Xtremepush platform, Navigate to Integrations > Marketplace > click on the GiG card > Connect.

Basic Settings

Give your connection a Name that helps you easily identify it. Then fill in the Tenant ID section with your unique identifier that represents your business in GiG.

Connection Settings

Username and Password : These are specific credentials to this Xtremepush project that can read your data from Kafka
Host : An address for a Kafka roker

Identifier Mapping

Choose the unique identifier that will be used to map attributes to profiles.


Integration approval

Once you created a new GiG integration, you will need to contact us to get it approved. It will stay in an Awaiting Approval status until it gets approved by us.

Once the integration is approved, it cannot be edited. To make changes to the integration, create a new integration from scratch.

GiG profile attributes

Once the integration gets approved, GiG attributes will be automatically created in Xtremepush and they will show up at Data > Data Manager > Attributes & Tags.

The profile attributes created by the GiG integration will be prefixed by gig so that they can be easily recognised.

Profile subscription status

Once the integration gets approved, GiG subscription attributes will be automatically mapped to Xtremepush channel subscription status'. Whether a user is subscribed to the different communication channels can be found by navigating to Data > User Profiles > Channels.