Resubscribe users to SMS and email

Get users resubscribed to SMS and email channels from on-site or in-app campaigns

In some cases, your users may want to opt back in to SMS and email. It is now possible to do so by adding a section to an in-app or on-site campaign to ask the end user if they wish to re-subscribe to email or SMS.

If the end user confirms that they do, then they are resubscribed to the relevant channel.

Set up the feature

This feature is available for in-app modal campaigns or pop-up style on-site campaigns. When creating the campaign, a new section called Inline Preference Center is available on the Content tab:

Available fields:

Subscription: Choose from Email or SMS. This sets which channel the user will be subscribed to should they click the confirmation button in the message.

Opt-in: Set the text which will be shown against the opt-in check box in the final message. The check box must be selected by the end user in order to enable the confirmation button. This gives the marketer confidence of a two-step opt in process.

Button: enter the text you wish to appear on the confirmation button.

It is possible to personalise both the text and the button that will be shown with the campaign.

It is possible to personalise both the text and the button that will be shown with the campaign.

Campaign segmentation

When setting up the campaign, it's recommended to use the following segmentation conditions:

Engagement > Email subscription is unsubscribed and Identifiers > Email > is set for email campaigns and Engagement > SMS subscription is unsubscribed and Identifiers > Mobile number > is set.

Segmentation to get email users resubscribed

Segmentation to get email users resubscribed

This will ensure the message is only shown to users who have the correct details and are no longer subscribed to that channel.

Showing the message to users who are subscribed is not an issue other than it will do nothing if the user follows the action, as they are already subscribed. Showing it to users who we have no contact information for will also do nothing as there is no way to acquire the details with this feature. You can add any other segmentation conditions to the campaign, joining them with the existing ones with an AND operator.


Allow users to provide their email address

For users without contact information you can use the Email capture form option, available on on-site campaigns. Review our dedicated on-site guide for more details.

Using the feature on the recipient side

When the recipient is eligible to receive a campaign which contains the inline opt-in component they will be presented with the content configured by the marketer.

The confirmation button will be disabled and the checkbox not checked. In order to click the confirmation button the user must first check the box to make sure they are following a two-step subscribe process.

When this happens, the user's subscription status for the channel will be set to Subscribed.

Example of full in-app message: