Email bounce categories

Understand why your email message has bounced

When sending emails, if Xtremepush is unable to deliver the message, or it is rejected after being accepted for delivery, this is known as a bounce. Xtremepush handles the bounce message given by the receiving mail server, or inbox service provider, and categorises the result to understand whether the failure is for a permanent or temporary reason.

A temporary (or transient) failure won't mark the recipient as unaddressable, and you will be able to include these recipients for future campaigns.

Both the Notifications Log details page and the campaign data allow you to review the reason why an email has bounced. If you navigate to Campaigns > Past campaigns > Options menu and click respectively on Notifications Log and Download failed messages you can review both options.

Permanent failures

BadMailboxThe mailbox does not exist at the recipient domain.
SuppressedThe email provider has suppressed sending to this address because it has a recent history of bouncing as an invalid address

Temporary failures

MailboxFull or QuotaIssuesThe recipient's mailbox is full and the service provider cannot accept any further incoming messages
TemporarilyDeferredThe recipient's email server has rejected the email due to a large number of received emails from the sender in a short period of time
ContentRejectedThe email has been rejected due to a filter against the message content
PolicyReject or PolicyRelatedThe email has been rejected due to a policy filter against the sender
SpamRelatedThe email has been rejected by the receiving mail server as spam
MailboxInactiveThe mailbox has been listed as inactive
NetworkErrorsAn error has occurred on the receiving mail server, for example due to bad configuration
BadDomainThe email domain does not have a receiving mail server; this typically happens when the address is incorrect, for example or
NoAnswerFromHostThe receiving mail server cannot be reached
MessageExpiredThe message has been attempted to be delivered to the end user, but the gateway was unable to do so after multiple attempts


Automatic retries

A permanent failure, also known as a hard bounce will be shown in the Xtremepush dashboard as soon as it is received. Permanent failures will mark the recipients unaddressable.
Attempted deliveries that give temporary failures will be retried for up to 3 days before showing a bounce in the dashboard. The bounce shown will be the latest failure reason, or MessageExpired if no attempt was possible within the timeframe.