Platform releases 2021

February 2, 2021


:rocket: Added

  • Data Automations
    Adding to the automated exports already available, it is now possible to run a regularly scheduled import of User Profile data from an SFTP site. Read more about automated imports and automated exports.
  • View Stats by Platform
    Users can individually choose to hide channel stats shown in the dashboard and campaign analytics pages. Stats can also be viewed by platform where available (e.g. iOS vs. Android push).

:high-brightness: Improved

  • Auto Stop Empty Workflows
    Closed Workflows will now automatically move to the Past Campaigns section once the last user has reached the final end action.
  • Show Apple Certificate Expiry Date
    Displayed directly in the Channel settings section allowing admin to keep track of any potentially expiring certificates.
  • Workflow Analytics
    Showing more detail in the Campaign Analytics section, platform users can drill down into single and split test workflow campaigns.
  • Google Analytics tracking parameters
    Moved to a single page in Channel settings to avoid confusion in setup.
  • Export Delivery Failures
    Added to campaign analytics page to allow download of individual user level data.
  • Improved data mapping for importing user profiles
    If the headers of CSV files uploaded for importing user profiles don't exactly match, users will be able to manually do the mapping. Read more...

:white-check-mark: Fixed

  • Approver Role not able to view content in some cases.
  • Segmentation engine allows number calculation on strings.
  • Onsite campaigns not showing second button in some situations.
  • Workflow stats failing to load (no loss of data).
  • Emoji support for SMS gateway.
  • Export table button not returning data on comparison page.

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Platform releases 2021

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