Android push delivery receipts

Enable support for delivery receipts

Delivery receipts will allow you to confirm when a push notification has been delivered to a device. This allows you to more accurately measure delivery and fallback to other channels.


Enterprise Push package

The delivery receipts feature is part of the Xtremepush Enterprise Push package, which is a paid feature. Please review our dedicated guide for more details.


Minimum SDK version

This feature is only available in Xtremepush Android SDK versions starting from v7.9.0.

In the standard Integration of the Android SDK, delivery receipts are switched off. They can be turned on by calling setDeliveryReceiptsEnabled(true) when initialising the Xtremepush SDK in your activities' onCreate method. To send delivery receipts to Xtremepush you need to include the following when implementing PushConnector.builder:

new PushConnector.Builder("XPUSH_APP_KEY", "GOOGLE_SENDER_ID")

If you want to send delivery receipts to a custom endpoint, you would include a second param, which will be the URL you are sending to. If you set a custom endpoint for delivery receipts, the delivery receipts will not be sent to Xtremepush.

new PushConnector.Builder("XPUSH_APP_KEY", "GOOGLE_SENDER_ID")
      .setDeliveryReceiptsEnabled(true, "YOUR_URL")