View a device profile

To view or edit a single Device Profile, you can access it through the associated User Profile, or select it from a list of all Device Profiles within the project by navigating to Data > Users > Devices.

Search for the Device Profile using the search fields at the top of the table. The table header's Settings icon can be used to display extra columns to search.

Click the link in the Device ID column to open the Device Profile page of the record you wish to view.

You can jump to the associated User Profile by clicking on the Profile name at the top of the page. The Device Profile page is separated into various cards:

Application information

These cards show information about the application or website integration from which the Device Profile was created.

For mobile apps, if its bundle ID and store URL are configured in Settings > Apps & Sites > click on the matching app **> Settings, the application screenshots will be displayed. See instructions for setting these values in the guides for Android, iOS and websites.

Device information

These cards show information about the mobile device or web browser from which the Device Profile was created.

Push subscription

Addressability and subscription to marketing are shown under Push subscription.

Addressable is a system field and cannot be edited. It shows if the notification permission has been accepted by the user on their device.

Push subscription refers to the user’s stated preference. By default, devices are set to be push subscribed. You can manage and update the subscription status through the SDK or other methods.

For more information review our dedicated guide on this.

Geo location

Where provided by the device, standard locale information can be displayed such as country, timezone and language.


The Attributes section shows the values of any custom Device Attributes associated to the Device Profile. Existing Attributes can be edited or removed from the Device Profile by clicking the icons on the respective Attribute row. New Attributes can be assigned to the Device Profile by clicking the Assign Attribute button.


To be able to store Attribute values against a Device Profile, the Attribute must first be created in Data > Data Manager > Attributes & Tags as a Device Attribute.