Project dashboard

A summary view of a specific project

The project dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of the activity in the Project.
You can see total engagement for each of the active channels as well as overall key metrics for the project. If you need a little time to get used to this new look, you can use the Switch to old dashboard link to see the previous project dashboard page.

Main navigation

The left-side menu is the primary way to navigate around the platform. By default, the menu is expanded to show you all sections. Expand a section to see all subsections. Click a subsection to navigate to that page.

To gain more space on the page, for smaller screens or just to give yourself more room to concentrate on tasks, the menu can be collapsed by clicking the double arrows at the very bottom of the menu.

Date filter

Use the date filter to select a date range you wish to view statistics for. Values on the project dashboard will be updated to show those for the selected date range.

Select a pre-fixed date, e.g. 7 Days from the Date range drop list, or Custom to set your own range. Using Custom, you can enter dates in the From and To boxes or click a start and end date in the calendar.

Channel engagement

For each channel you have enabled, an engagement summary card will be displayed which contains top-level stats for engagement activity over a given period. See the above section on how to adjust the date filter.

For a more detailed view of how a channel is performing, and engagement on individual campaigns go to the Campaign Analytics page by navigating to Analytics > Campaigns to build bespoke analytics queries.


Enable channels

Continue to Channel settings to enable channels for your project.

App metrics

App metrics will be displayed if your project has a mobile application integrated to it. The values shown will be based on the date range selected above.

Available app metrics:

  • New Users
  • Total Sessions


Integrate websites and applications

Continue to the Channel integration section for instructions on how to integrate a website, iOS app, or Android app.

Top event hits

This section shows the topmost hit events for the selected date range. They are split by events coming from your apps and websites.