Navigating around your project

Learn how to move around Xtremepush's platform.

When you access any of your projects, you will be taken to the project dashboard.

Main navigation

The left-side menu is the primary way to navigate around your project. By default, the menu is expanded to show you all sections. Expand a section to see all subsections. Click a subsection to navigate to that page.

To gain more space on the page, for smaller screens or just to give yourself more room to concentrate on tasks, the menu can be collapsed by clicking the double arrows at the very bottom of the menu.

Admin menu

This menu is located on the top right corner of your project and shows your full name. Click on it to expand it and find options related to your account:

  • My account info: modify your name, and password.
  • Docs: direct link to our documentation.
  • Contact support: creates a support ticket. It's also possible to create a ticket by clicking on the Support widget that you will find on the bottom right corner. This is a better option, as it will capture the section of the platform that you are visiting at the time you create the request.
  • Log out: sign out of your account.

Company admin users will see additional options under Administration.

  • User management: manage and create new users. This page also allows you to edit your company info and your own account info.
  • Company details: edit your company information (such as main point of contact and company name).
  • Email addresses: create new from addresses. In most cases, the support team will need to add from addresses on your behalf to ensure the required authentications are in place. Review our from addresses guide for more details.
  • Billing info: review your company and project statistics by month (Monthly Active Users, push and webpush subscribers, email subscribers, events fired).

Dividing the information

Tabs are used extensively in different parts of the platform to split the information. Generally, these show different sections of a page (for instance, under Data > Audiences you can use the different tabs to access Segments, User lists and Suppression lists).

Alternatively, tabs maybe used to filter down available information, such as in the campaigns page, where the tabs filter the campaigns depending on their status (Live, Future, Past, Drafts).

Show additional options

Whenever available, additional options can be accessed by clicking on the Options menu, which is shown to the right side of the related object. This menu can be found in various parts of the platform, including Notifications log or the Existing campaigns page.


Options menu for existing campaigns.

Show extra columns

Some pages can be customised to show more or fewer columns. The Settings menu can be used to display or hide columns to search. This option is available on pages such as the main User profile and Devices page.


Settings menu for User profiles shows or hides columns in this page.