Real-time events

What are events and how can they be leveraged in Xtremepush

Events play a significant role on realtime marketing and segmentation. It is possible to gather various events from systems such as session started or custom events that you can define based on your needs via Xtremepush SDKs and APIs.

What is an event?

An event is an occurrence that happens at a particular time. In the Xtremepush platform, events can be triggered by customer behaviours (page viewed, app opened, etc.), system behaviours (message sent, message opened, etc.) and external updates (CRM changes, etc).

View and edit events

To view or edit the events already defined for a project, navigate to Data > Data Manager > Events.
The list can be filtered by using the search fields at the top of the table.
An event can be edited or deleted using the icons on the relevant table row.


Renaming Events

Events match by name. If you do any change on XP platform, you need to be sure that change is also made on SDKs or APIs. Otherwise, when you change the event name in events page and then the next event hit happens it will create a 'new' event with the previous name.

Create a new event


An event is created in your project when you fire it for the first time or you can also manually create it by navigating to Data Manager > Events > Create event.

For more details on how to fire an event from your web or app, you can check these documents:

How to use events

Events can be used for:

  • Segmentation : an event can be used as a condition to create a segment
  • Triggering realtime campaigns: event triggered campaigns can be created and also the event can be filtered on the Event tab by its property or value.
  • Data and Analytics: events can be analysed from the Analytics > Behaviour > Tags and Events section.