Create a segment from a CSV file

It is possible to create a segment of users by uploading a CSV file of identifiers exported from a CRM or similar system.


User lists are recommended

Segmenting by CSV can be slow and if any errors are encountered they will cause the campaign to fail to send. For these reasons we recommend using User Lists instead.

The CSV file must contain only one column, and the chosen identifier must be added as the column header in the first row of the file, to allow the platform to identify the type of identifier being used.

Files uploaded to Xtremepush must always be saved using UTF-8 encoding. This allows any extended characters such as those with accents to be correctly processed by the platform.

ID types are:

  • user_id - Typically used if CRM IDs are sent to Xtremepush
  • email - The user's email address
  • mobile_number - The user's mobile phone number
  • whatsapp_number - The user's Whatsapp mobile number
  • profile_id - The Xtremepush id
  • device_id - The id provided by the OS to identify the device (e.g. the Android ID)
  • device_idfv - iOS device identity for your app
  • device_idfa - iOS device identity for advertisers
  • device_anid - Android device identity
  • device_adid - Android device identity for advertisers
  • token - The token used to address push notifications

An example header ID.


User profiles must exist

It is only possible to segment in relation to the users that already exist in the platform. Review our user guide on how to import user profiles

When the CSV file is ready, navigate to Data > Audiences and open the Segments tab. Click the Create Segment button.

Choose the Segments category group from the dropdown list and then the CSV File option from that group list as shown below.

Include or exclude users in this CSV file by selecting the relevant option from the second dropdown list. You can combine this segment with other conditions before saving it, if desired.

After setting conditions, click Save.

You can also use this process for creating a segment from the Segment tab of any campaign.