Set up test users

Create user profiles for testing non-device channels

If you are setting up Xtremepush with non-device channels like email and SMS, you will need to create test users. Email, mobile number and User ID are default profile attributes, other attributes you need must be configured. You may want to use personalisation in your message, for example a user's name, which can be created as user profile data.

Familiarise yourself with the User data section, which describes how to add user profile data manually for instances such as testing, and in particular the Import and create user profiles page.

If you are adding a lot of test users, for example to cover multiple different attribute combinations and their effect on journeys and dynamic content, you could add a test_user boolean attribute when uploading the test users. This would then allow you to easily target them using Segmentation.

If you can identify your users by User IDs, Device IDs or by other identifiers, you can search for them by navigating to Data > Users or Data > Devices:

  • User profile (Data > Users)
    • User ID (previously known as External ID)
    • Customer ID
    • Email address
    • Mobile number / Whatsapp number
  • Device profile (Data > Devices)
    • Device ID
    • Name (iOS devices only)


Can't find some of these fields?

The user profile and device profile search page is customisable, so if you can't find any of these fields, click on the gear on the top right to enable the field in the page.

Once that you have identified these profiles or devices you could create a test group segment.