SFTP file storage

Connect SFTP folders to Xtremepush

There are a number of places in the Xtremepush platform where it is possible to either read or write files to an external SFTP location. To use these features you should first connect to the SFTP server from within the Integrations Marketplace following the steps below.

Basic settings

After navigating to Settings > Integrations > Marketplace you should be able to find the SFTP connection in the list of available integrations.

Click to add a new connection and on the following page, give the connection a name.

Naming the connection will allow you to select the correct one elsewhere in the platform, as it is possible to set up several connections in case you need to read and write files from different folders depending on the import/export in question.

Connection settings

Enter the host details of the server you want to connect to including:

  • SFTP URL (sometimes known as Host or Host IP)
  • Port
  • Working Directory (this will be the default starting location when setting a path for each import/export)


Base Path

The Working Directory field cannot be left blank. If you wish to start from the root location on the server then you must at least enter a leading / to denote this is the location you intended.

Connection Type

There are two options for connection authentication. You should select one depending on your SFTP server setup.

Username & Password

Enter the two values here and click Connect.


Enter the username you require and then click Generate New SSH Key.
Give the new key a name and click on Generate New SSH Key to save and apply it to this connection.
The new key will be populated in the empty text field. You should take the generated Public Key and implement it on your SFTP server.


SSH key implementation

The implementation of the provided key is not described here as this will be dependant on your SFTP server setup. If you are unsure what to do with this key you should speak to the systems administrator within your organisation.