SMS quick start guide

All you need to know before starting sending SMS campaigns through Xtremepush

To be able to use the SMS channel, it must first be enabled by a user with Project Admin or Company Admin access from Settings > Channels > Manage Channels by enabling the SMS toggle.


Setting up SMS for the first time?

Contact us before setting up SMS for a new project, so we can configure the gateway integration.

We have a range of SMS gateway configurations available based on requirements so that your account manager can ensure the best pricing and deliverability results for your target markets.

Our team will ensure all necessary gateway configurations are in place and help you test the integration end-to-end.

You will be able to see SMS as an available channel from the campaign builder menu once this has been done. You can use SMS as a standalone channel or as part of a wider multichannel strategy. A common use case is having push notifications as a primary channel on certain campaigns with SMS as a fallback channel (for users that are not subscribed for push notifications).


Testing makes perfect!

Running tests is encouraged before starting sending SMS campaigns.

Testing SMS campaigns

In order to send a test SMS you will need a mobile number in a user profile and an active SMS subscription. Users with the correct level of access can edit user profiles or create a new one if needed:

Navigate to Data > Users > Create User profile.

Add your mobile number in the following format: international dial code (not including prefixed zeroes 00) followed by the mobile number (not including prefixed zero 0). Example: 353850123456.

Then set the SMS subscription to Subscribed, and save the profile.

You can now test sending an SMS by navigating to Campaigns > Create Campaign > Single-stage > Time-based > Create Campaign > select SMS from the Setup tab.

Navigate to the Content tab of the campaign builder, select one of the from names preconfigured from SMS settings from the picklist and include some text for the SMS message.

Navigate to the Segment tab to specify the recipients of the campaign. If you have multiple users and you want to target a particular mobile, you can simply use it in a target segment by selecting Create custom segment and adding the condition mobile number equals from the identifiers section of the Segmentation Engine.


Count recipients before launching the campaign

Whenever launching a campaign it is a best practice to use the Calculate recipients feature to count recipients and make sure that your targeted audience for this campaign is what you are expecting.