Company dashboard

A summary view of all your projects

System toolbar

At the very top of all screens in the platform you can access the system toolbar which contains the following:

  • Project select - Searchable quick access to any projects you have permission to enter
  • Xtremepush logo - Direct link to your company dashboard at any time
  • Admin menu - Access personal account settings and relevant admin privileges

Key company metrics

Displays combined key metrics from all of your projects, such as Total users and Total addressable users.

Project summary cards

The dashboard displays a project summary card for each project you have access to. Cards display the following information:

  • Total users in that project
  • Addressable users in that project

There are also buttons on each project summary card to open the project to a specific section:

  • View live campaigns - Takes you to see a list of all currently live campaigns for that project
  • Create new campaign - Takes you to create a new campaign within that project
  • View project - Opens the projects dashboard


Can't see existing projects?

If you don't see the projects you were expecting to, contact your company admin who will be able to assign projects to your user account.