Computed attributes

Build user-based aggregates and expressions

Computed attributes (aggregates) refer to summary statistics or values derived from combining and analysing sets of data. Common types of aggregates include sums, averages, counts, and other statistical measures that help distil large volumes of data into meaningful insights. They play a crucial role in making data more manageable and facilitating informed decision-making in various fields, including marketing, finance, and business intelligence.

In Xtremepush, you can create computed attributes from Computations using a graphical query builder or an SQL query editor within the Data Engine, or deploy predictions from InfinityAI. Learn more about Intelligence.

Use Computed Attributes

Once the computed attributes are created, a list of available computed attributes will appear under Data > Data Manager > Computed Attributes. Also, computed attributes will be assigned to profiles with values.

Single Customer View

Computed Attributes of a profile can be found in the Data tab of a single User Profile, under the Computed Attributes section.

The "Computed At" column indicates the last time the computation was performed. In the case of real-time computations, it would always be the current time.

View computed attributes


Computed attributes can be used in segmentation just like any other attribute. To select a computed attribute, select the Attribute option in the segmentation engine, start typing the computed attribute name and select it from the dropdown.

Dynamic content

It's possible to use computed attribute's values to display in your campaigns using dynamic content. They can also be used to show or hide specific blocks within the message content using display conditions.

Custom bonus amount

Computed attributes are available when running promo campaigns that require a dynamic reward amount

Promo amount