Campaign throttling

Reduce the speed at which your campaign is sent

If your campaign could result in resource issues, such as overloading a call centre, or you would just prefer to send it in smaller batches, then it is possible to reduce the overall speed at which your campaign is sent.


Feature availability

Throttling is available on Single-Stage Time-based campaigns (both when scheduled to Send now or Send later).

Enable throttling

This option is enabled from the Schedule tab, by clicking on Throttling.

Two options can be set:

Send Limit is the rate at which messages are sent per hour. It can be set from 1 to any number. However, it's not possible to exceed the maximum send speed of the platform by setting this number to an extremely high one.

To send the campaign with the fastest send speed possible, either do not enable this option, or leave the field blank so the send speed is unlimited.


How does the feature work?

The platform sends to the number of recipients set in batches. That means that in the first hour the full amount of the set number will be set to as fast as is possible, then it will pause until the next hour and then the next batch will be sent. The feature won't spread the set number of messages across the whole hour each hour.

Delivery Window allows the send to be limited to certain days. This is useful if you are throttling a particularly large send to a much slower rate which causes the full send to take a number of hours or even days to complete. For example, you may not want the send to continue over a weekend when call centre staff are not there to deal with queries generated by the campaign.

Sends are based on user profiles, so for multi-channel campaigns, it will send all the messages to the profile in the current batch: different messages to that profile won't be split across multiple batches.

Throttling and split testing

The feature also works for split tests (both when manually and automatically picking a winner) but only applies to the winning variant. The test variants will still sent out at regular speeds.


Can't see this feature?

This feature is not enabled by default. If you would like to use it, please contact us.