Ad Retargeting

Export audiences from Xtremepush to target users on external platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Google ads.

Ad retargeting channels can be used to keep external audiences in sync with your Xtremepush segments. With ad retargeting you can target users on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

Update custom audiences and use them to find lookalike users who may be interested in your products. Use real-time sync to target users where they may not have yet interacted with other communications, or even just use this feature to maintain a good client experience by removing customers from ad retargeting audiences where their engagement is good in other channels through Xtremepush.

Connect accounts

To benefit from this feature you need to enable it from the Integrations Marketplate. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Marketplace and select the Meta and/or Googe ads card.


Can't find this option in the Integrations Marketplace?

Ad retargeting is an optional feature, not enabled by default. If you wish to use this builder please contact us.

A new window will show. Follow the secure account sign-in process.

Multiple accounts can be connected to your Xtremepush project. All audiences from all connected accounts will be shown when selecting which users to target in the various places where this feature is available in the Xtremepush platform.

Regular export

Once the integration has been enabled, there are two areas where you can use the connected audiences. The first is via the Automated Export.

Repeat Automations

To send a segment of your users to a Facebook / Google audience on a regular schedule head to Automations > Export and follow the steps below. This method should be used if you want to completely overwrite the audience on your ad platforms each day/week/month.

1. Basic Settings.

Name the export for reporting and select the audience segment to send.

2. Target.

Select where you want the export to go (Facebook Ads or Google Ads).

3. Data Structure.

Choose the identities you want to send.


It is not possible to export devices for Facebook/Google at this time, so this option will be disabled if you have selected either of those options in step 2.

In this step you can also set the mapping of Facebook/Google fields to Xtremepush attributes. In future platform releases, you will be able to set a default mapping from the Marketplace config page but for now it will need to be set individually for each export.

4. Schedule.

Set the day/time the export should run.


The audience will be overwritten each time in full so that the audience on those platforms matches the segment in your Xtremepush project.

Real-time audience sync

The second option once the ad retargeting platforms are connected is to add and remove users in response to them arriving at a specific action in a multi-stage journey. You can read more about this in the multi-stage journey user action dedicated guide.


Google Ads requires consent from users

Google requires the receipt of consent fields from APIs. If a user has at least one marketing subscription, the platform will label this user as 'GRANTED' for Ads consent. Users who unsubscribe from all marketing subscriptions or for whom subscription data is not provided will be automatically removed from the audience lists, and the Google Ads audience sync status will display the relevant error.