Campaign approvals

Enable a peer-review system for your campaigns in Xtremepush

The Xtremepush platform allows implementing a process to have campaigns reviewed by other users before launching them.

In this process, the user in charge of creating the campaign would have a Campaign copywriter role and the user tasked with reviewing the campaigns would be a Campaign approver.

Review our dedicated guide to learn more about the different user roles.

Create the campaign draft

To get started, the Campaign Copywriter would create a campaign draft from Campaigns > Create campaigns. This role is only able to save the campaign as a draft.

Approve the campaign

Once the campaign draft is created, the Campaign Approver can find and review existing drafts from Campaigns > Approve campaigns. All the campaigns on this page are drafts. Just click on the campaign to review it and launch it from the Review & Launch tab by clicking on Launch.


Campaign approvers can't edit campaigns, just launch them. If there are any changes required, the Campaign Copywriter would need to work on the draft again by clicking on it.

Once approved, campaigns will not show up anymore on the Approve campaigns page.