Link tracking for SMS campaigns

How SMS link tracking works and where to review this information

Our analytics suite provides data on the number of SMS messages that have been delivered and clicked by users. This can be reviewed from different parts of the system, such as campaign analytics, campaign comparison or, if you want to review the information for a specific user, from the notifications log or by downloading the campaign data.


Click tracking requires setting up your own shortened URL domain. Contact us to do so.

Click tracking

To enable link tracking for SMS messages, we route the users through our servers when they click a shortened URL or an opt-out link. The user experiences a seamless journey as they get instantly redirected to the URL originally included in the SMS.

Before using this feature a custom shortened domain needs to be set up. Contact us to do so.


Trackable links

The system only tracks clicks on opt-out links and shortened URLs. As a result of this, you need to enable both of these options from SMS settings and then use them on your campaigns to make sure clicks on your SMS campaigns are tracked.