In-app modal campaigns

This type of In-app campaign can be edited inline by navigating to the In-app campaign tab and selecting the Modal option.

Building your message

The content tab is selected by default. It contains a set of components that build a sample in-app message: title, text, image and buttons. These components can be rearranged by clicking on the sort arrows in each component and dragging them into the preferred order.

Up to two buttons can be used and the following actions can be assigned to them:

  • None: no action assigned.
  • Open URL: redirect to a URL.
  • Go to deeplink: redirect to a page inside the app. See our deeplinks guide for more details.
  • Dismiss: close the message.

Additionally, a save action can be linked to the buttons (so that users who click on the link will be added to a user list, get subscribed or have an attribute set against their profile). Finally, an event trigger can be associated with the button, which in turn can be used to trigger a campaign.

Customising your message

The style tab is shown by toggling the brush button and allows you to configure the look of the message and provides additional options: customise colors of each component, opacity, corner radius and borders of your message.

Previewing your message

The preview area displays the current message view, updated as components change. You can select different device models, to show the preview of your In-app message in different screen sizes.

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