Campaign comparison

In Analytics > Campaigns > Comparison you can compare campaigns' performance against each other.

Campaigns and stats are shown based on the date selector at the top of the page. Filter the campaigns listed and the date range for which the data should be displayed.

Comparison graph

The graph area at the top of the page shows stats over time for any selected campaigns. This can be expanded to show comparison charts or hidden to see more of the table below. The data can be switched between different channels and type of engagement by selecting the desired option from the drop down on the top right.

To compare multiple campaigns alongside each other select them using the checkboxes in the table below. Selections are remembered across multiple pages of the table.

Comparison table

The table allows a quick comparison between campaigns across all channels available in the project.

Export data

Buttons at the top of the graph section allow you to export data (in CSV format) and manipulate it outside of the XP platform.

Export Table Data for full list of data for all campaigns that fall within the currently selected date range.

Export Graph Data provides the data used to plot the graph, which can be useful to produce your own reports outside Xtremepush.

Single campaign overview

Select a campaign from the comparison table to show a detailed breakdown. This can also be reached directly for past/live campaigns from Campaigns > Existing Campaigns.

The page gives you an overview of how the campaign is performing, as well as a quick look at each channel in the campaign with some top-level stats for each.

The stats are filtered by the date range at the top of the page so it is quick and easy to see how a campaign has performed over a specific period, shown in sections:

Campaign Goals

Shown if the campaign is set up to use a goal. Full details on the number of users converted as well as total goal hits and total goal value can be seen here.


Top-level stats for each channel used within the selected campaign.

Variant Breakdown

Shown if a campaign is set up to have multiple variants. Table view showing a breakdown of top-level stats broken down by variants within the campaign. Allows you to see which variants may be performing best.

Click on View Details for any channel to drill down into the details page for that channel.

Channel details

The details page for a single channel gives a deeper level of detail on how a channel is performing in different areas. Switching between tabs allows you to view each detail in turn.

Depending on the channel, there will be a different number of tabs available with relevant data for that channel:


A full break down of all available stats for the channel.

Clicked links

Details of which links have been clicked within the message and on what variant.

Click map

See which parts of the message content users are clicking (email only).


Show message engagement by email domain (email only).

Delivery failures

A full breakdown of all reasons a message may not have arrived at its intended destination.

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