Task history

Review what asynchronous tasks are getting executed in your project

The Task history shows a record of all the asynchronous tasks that you perform in your project. You can access the Task history by navigating to Data > Task History.

Anatomy of the task history

This page contains several columns, by which you can search and sort the records. Available columns are:

  • Date: The date on which the task was started
  • Task: Shows the task type
  • Info: Additional information to help identify the task. For example, the name of the import, or the name of the segment to which the export is related.
  • Status: Shows the status of the task: New for tasks that haven't still started, Executing for tasks that are in progress, Completed or for finished tasks, Error for tasks that have been completed with errors and Fatal for tasks that had errors that didn't allow the task to complete.

Click on the Options menu on the right > Details to review each task and possible errors in more detail.

User profile import breakdown

Within the task details of importing user profiles, you can access a breakdown of the imported data. Available rows are:

Always available:

  • Total: total count of rows in the CSV file
  • Imported: total count of imported rows
  • Warnings: total count of rows with warnings
  • Total failed: total count of rows with errors, which caused those rows not to get imported

Only available if applicable:

  • Failed by duplicated rows: the amount of duplicated rows that were not imported
  • Failed by the wrong number of columns: the count of rows that have a different amount of columns than the header
  • Failed by empty identifier: the count of rows with empty identifier(s)
  • Failed during profile saving: the count of rows with errors during the profile saving process

Campaign trigger stats

Within the task details of importing user profiles, you can also access the stats of the automated API campaign trigger.

The available rows are:

  • Targeted: total count of user profiles in the CSV file that were imported successfully
  • Sent: total count of user profiles that received the campaign
  • Not Sent: total count of user profiles that didn't receive the campaign due to exclusions, belonging to a control group or errors during the sending


Export excluded and failed user data

To generate a report for collecting data on unsent profiles, click on Generate within the Export & Failed row. This action is only applicable when there is unsent data available. You can also locate the Generate Excluded Users Report option within the Task column on the Task History page to access all reports.