Multi stage journey: promotion action

Apply external promotions to profiles as they pass through a multi stage journey

Prerequisites: connect a bonus engine

To start syncing promotions to an Xtremepush project, a bonus engine (such as SBTech, TG Lab or Tecnalis Alira) must first be connected via the Integrations Marketplace. The promotion action will show as disabled until at least one engine is connected.

Add a promotion action to a journey

Provided that at least one bonus engine has been linked in from the Integrations Marketplace, the promotions action can be selected under the user actions option.


Click on the node to open the promotion toolbox.

Depending on the bonus engine used for the promotion, there will be a number of different options available to choose from. More details on each of these can be found under the respective dedicated guides.

Select the desired promotion, set a promotion amount and click on close.


In this example, a promotion from TGLab is applied to users passing through this node in this workflow.


There is no need to save changes as multi stage workflows save changes automatically.

Each time a user passes through a promotion action, a call will be made to the bonus engine asking it to run that action for the related user. The user will not stop at this action. Regardless of whether the call is successfully handled by the bonus engine, they will pass immediately through and onto the next action in their journey.

Users are mapped to the bonus engine by user_id by default unless a different setting has been configured in the integration.