Content templates can be made for all forms of messaging found on the platform. This allows frequently used content to be setup quickly as a starting point for the campaign message(s).

Navigate to: Content > Templates

New template

Click on a content type to create a new template and be taken to the content screen for that channel. The editor appears as it would when creating a campaign. For example if selecting In-app message the full In-app message content editor is displayed.

Import template

For users with access to multiple projects it is possible to import a template from those projects. To do so, click on Create template and under the Import section, search for the template name and select it from the dropdown menu to open the editor.

Only templates which match the available channels in the destination (current) project will be visible.

Existing templates

All existing templates in the project can be seen in the list at the bottom of this page. They can be filtered and sorted to find the template required.

Actions on templates are:

  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Delete

Draft templates

When creating a template it will be in begin in draft status. This allows the template to be built over time, saving at each stage, without making it available to use in a campaign until the Active button is enabled.



Remember to save

When creating or editing a template remember that a save to both the message content AND the template itself may be required. A warning is shown to let the user know if there are any unsaved changes should they try to leave a template before saving.

Importing a template follows the same principle. The initial search and select opens the editor with the content pre-populated from the source template. A save is required to create that template in the destination project. This will then be treated as a separate template and not linked to the original in the source project.

Use a template in a campaign

You can use a template in a campaign from the channel's specific tab (for example, the email tab or the inbox tab) by clicking on Actions > Apply template. You will be shown a list of the existing templates. Select the one you'd like to use and click Apply.

The name of the applied template is shown as a reference so any user coming back to the campaign is able to check which template was used to build the content.