Customer Intelligence

Take campaign effectiveness to the next level with Customer Intelligence module

The Customer Intelligence module consists of multiple features as listed below:

  • Computations / Calculated Attributes
  • Intelligence journey templates
  • Dashboards

Computations / Calculated Attributes

This feature allows you to perform complex calculations to compute customer attributes (such as Customer Lifetime Value), or predictions (like propensity of churn or conversion). Perform a manual calculation or use some of our automated computations, like lifecycle segmentation, to automatically calculate and assign specific lifecycle attributes to every customer.

Thanks to the unified nature of our platform, all the newly created attributes and predictions will be immediately stored in the Single Customer View so you can immediately use it for your omnichannel campaigns.

Intelligence journey templates

This features provides you with a library of out-of-the-box campaign templates that enables your team to launch advanced use cases in a fraction of the time. All campaigns were created by our experts and are built on best practices. This ensures that you maximise the value you get out of our platform in the shortest possible time.

Launching your campaign is extremely easy. Select the desired journey template, and your campaign is almost ready to go. Just add your content and hit launch.

Of course, all campaigns can be further customised based on your specific needs.


This feature introduces advanced customer analytics. It allows you to combine behavioural, campaign, and transactional data to build highly-customised reports.

This will allow you to discover actionable insights like the customer lifecycle stage, the revenue impact of your retention campaigns, and many more. Thanks to these insights, you will be able to continuously improve your marketing effectiveness and deliver even more personalised and targeted messaging across all your channels.


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