Email from addresses

View, modify and add new email addresses in Xtremepush

This guide describes how company admins can configure email addresses to be used as from addresses for email campaigns. You can alter the default from address name (aka. "alias"), restrict a from address to specific project(s) and add new ones.

Viewing from addresses

Users with permission (company admins) can view, modify and delete the existing emails with the system by clicking on Admin menu (top-right) > Email addresses. This page shows the list of email from addresses and their verification status.

Restricting from addresses to specific projects

Email from addresses are added on a company basis. Company admins can restrict email addresses to specific projects by clicking on Edit . Once in the edit page, set Limit to project to yes, and just tick the boxes of the projects you want to assign to that email from address, then click on Save. The main edit page also allows you to modify the from address name for any email address, although this value can be manually overridden for each individual campaign.

Adding a new from address


Most customers will be configured to use Xtremepush's email delivery platform, so must contact us to add their email addresses, so we can ensure best deliverability results. See our Email verification guide for more details.

To ensure best deliverability results, you may add email addresses as described in the guide if you have a legacy Xtremepush project and you know that it is configured to send emails via Amazon SES, for example if your projects are hosted on US-1. However the domain and custom send domain must first be configured by following our email verification for Amazon SES guide.

New emails can be created by clicking on Admin menu (top-right) > Email addresses > Create Email.

From this page complete the following fields:

  • The email address to use as a from address for your email campaigns.
  • The name used as an alias for the from address.
  • Finally you may optionally choose to restrict usage of this from address to specific projects.

Click Save

After saving, an email will be sent to the configured address from Amazon SES. You must click the link in the email to verify the address, so it can be used as the from address on email campaigns.

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